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Early Writing Screener - Coming Soon

Did you know that writing and drawing are two symbol systems that children in literate societies must master? The human language uses symbolic systems, such as writing, drawing, numbers and maps, to represent the world around us.

Research has highlighted the importance of children's ability to differentiate two symbolic systems, writing and drawing. It concludes that without this understanding, children would find it difficult to learn and understand how to write. Thus, it is paramount that children learn these systems.

Adults can easily make this distinction, but most children are not able to do so until about 3 years old. We know that children learn about the differences between drawing and writing implicitly through statistical learning. It is not taught and is something that they pick up naturally.

Our Early Writing Screener helps identify those children who have not mastered the difference

between and writing and drawing symbol systems and need to be taught explicitly.

The screener is quick and easy to use, requiring only white paper, lined paper (optional), coloured crayons and a pen/pencil. It can be administered at home by parents and carers or in a nursery/preschool setting.

The Early Writing Screener will be released on 27 April. Its retail price is £39.99 per child, but we are offering an introductory discount. £20 per child or £15 per child for groups of 10 or more until 31 May. Click here for more information or to register an interest.

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