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Open House London 2021

Thank you to everyone for making the Black Tudors Family Trail, Open House 2021, a huge success.

We were thrilled to be given the opportunity to run the event again by Open House, hoping it would be as popular as it was last year. To our surprise, it succeeded expectations. We attracted a diverse group of people from London and the home counties. All eager to learn about Britain's diverse history through the eyes of five ordinary people, who just happened to be Black Tudors.

Congratulations to our young super-sleuths too. You did a fantastic job in solving the mystery of the Black Tudors.

What next? Of course, we plan to run the event again next year - that's if Open House are happy to have us. We also have plans to run another tour, which will take place near the river Thames. We will delve into the lives of more Black Tudors, including one of my favourites, Diego the Circumnavigator.

Look out for a big announcement about our special project for Year 12 and Year 13 History students.

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