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Posh Mums are the new trendsetters when it comes to their children's education

In recent years, there has been a trend among affluent parents to start their children's education earlier and earlier. This often takes the form of hiring tutors for preschoolers to give them a head start on their peers. But it's not just the wealthy who are doing this – more and more middle class parents are also starting to invest in their children's early education. While some people argue that this is simply another form of elitism, there is no denying that this trend is on the rise.

The Rise of the Preschool Tutor

There are a number of reasons why parents might choose to hire tutors for their young children. In an increasingly competitive world, many parents feel immense pressure to give their children every possible advantage. Tutors can also help to instil a love of learning in children at a young age, setting them up for success in school and beyond.

My daughter's nursery school did not focus on the skills she needed to get ahead. It wasn't simulating. It was teaching her numbers and letters that she already knew. A preschool tutor was the best option. - Rubina, mother of 3 year old

Preschool tutors provide one-on-one instruction in handwriting, phonics, reading, English and maths, helping children to master the basics before they even start school. In addition, tutors assess a child's individual needs and tailor the lessons accordingly. As a result, children who receive this tutoring often have a significant advantage over their peers when it comes to academic achievement. A recent study of top university applicants found that those who had received tutoring in maths and English were significantly more likely to receive offers from the most competitive universities.

Pros and Cons

More and more parents are seeking out tutors for their preschoolers in an effort to give them a head start academically and help them gain entry to prestigious schools. Furthermore, with schools increasingly relying on maths and English assessments to gauge a child's progress, tutoring can help to ensure that your child is keeping up with their classmates.

However, tutoring can also be expensive and time consuming. For parents who are already stretched thin, it can be difficult to fit tutoring into the budget, and for children who already have a busy schedule, adding tutoring can be stressful. There is also the risk that children will become too reliant on tutors, and not learn how to advocate for themselves or solve problems independently.

This recent trend of tutoring preschoolers has come under fire from some parents and experts who believe that it puts too much pressure on young children. While tutors can help children to learn the basics of reading and maths, they can also take away from important time that should be spent playing. In addition, tutoring can create a sense of competition between siblings, which can lead to anxiety and stress. Some parents have even reported that their children have become withdrawn and uncommunicative after starting tutoring sessions. For these reasons, it is important to weigh the pros and cons of tutoring before making a decision for your child.


Ultimately, whether or not tutoring is right for your family is a personal decision. Review the pros and cons carefully to see if tutoring is something for you and your child. However, as tutoring becomes more commonplace, it looks like posh mums are going to continue to do whatever it takes to get their children ahead.

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