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More Handwriting Assessment App

Are You Worried About Your Child’s Handwriting?

  • Do they struggle to write or they have no special learning needs?  

  • Is their writing neat but it takes them a long time to write?

  • Is their writing untidy and illegible?

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Early Writing Screener

Did you know that researchers have discovered key early writing/literacy milestone that parents/educators are not aware of?

  • By the age of 2 years and 8 months children learn how the differences between drawing and writing systems.  

  • This skill is required as a precursor to learning and understanding how to write.

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More Maths

Maths skills are a core part of academic studies. 


Our More Maths App will you an instant detailed online assessment of your child's math ability against the UK primary school curriculum (Key Stage 2) and international standards.

We have listened to your feedback and are working on a new improved More Maths V2 - coming in 2022.

More English and More Science

We are still building More English and More Science, our online assessment apps for English and Science.