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More Handwriting 

Are You Worried About Your Child’s Handwriting?

  • Do they struggle to write even though they have no special learning needs?  

  • Is their writing neat but it takes them a long time to write?

  • Is their writing untidy and illegible?

Using the latest research, More Curricular have developed More Handwriting.

  • An easy to use paper-based “at-home” assessment which is then analysed by our the handwriting app.

  • Lets you check if their child’s handwriting against their year group. 

  • We also provide you with a FREE a step-by-step guide that you can use with your child to get them back on




More Maths

Maths skills are a core part of academic studies. 


Our MoreMaths app will you an instant detailed online assessment of your child's math ability against the UK primary school curriculum (Key Stage 2) and international standards.

More Maths V2 Coming in autumn 2021.

More English and More Science

We are still building More English and More Science, our online assessment apps for English and Science.