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Hidden Tudors Walking Tours

The Mysterious Black Tudors London Walking Tours

About our Tours

Join us as we unfurl the tapestries of time and unearth the narratives of Britain's Hidden Tudors. Our expertly guided Hidden Tudors Walking Tours offer a captivating window into the lives of black Tudors and the origins of the formidable East India Company, which received its charter from none other than Elizabeth I back in 1600.

With five distinct tours available, each provides a unique voyage through London's illustrious past, making them ideal for school trips, corporate events, and family days out.

The Mysterious Black Tudors Westminster Walking Tour (1 hr & 30 mins)

Help us solve the mystery of the forgotten history of the Black Tudors. Join us on our search for clues as we visit some of London’s Tudor buildings and take a peek into the lives of five Black Tudors.


We will visit Westminster Abbey, the remains of The Palace of Whitehall and St James Palace with a short break in St James Park. Please note that this event does not include admission to any of these buildings.

The Mysterious Black Tudors Southwark Riverside Walking Tour (1 hour & 15 mins)

Looking for an interesting and interactive way to learn about Britain's forgotten history of the Black Tudors?


Look no further! This riverside walking tour will take you through Southwark, across London Bridge and the north bank of the River Thames, where you will learn about Tudor history and how alliances, wars and conquests shaped the lives of four Black Tudors.

The Mysterious Black Tudors City of London Walking Tour (1 hr & 45 mins)

Immerse yourself in London's enthralling past with the Black Tudors City of London Walking Tour. Just under 2 hours, this journey weaves through the vibrant history of London's guilds and liveries, uncovering the often forgotten stories of Black Tudors residing and working in the City of London.


The adventure starts at the renowned Guildhall, where the city's ancient roots are revealed. We traverse the city, making our way to the notable St Botolph's Aldgate parish, while narrating the interlaced history of London's social and economic life.

The Origins of the East India Company
Part 1 - City of London Walking Tour
(1 hour & 30 mins)

Experience a fascinating and immersive walking tour exploring the East India Company's historic beginnings in Tudor England. Trace the steps of English merchants who established the company in 1600 - uncovering its important role as a significant precursor to colonial rule. Visit the sites  of iconic buildings that played a part in this journey. 

The History of the East India Company
Part 2 - Westminster Walking Tour
(1 hr & 30 mins)

The second part of the tour provides a comprehensive exploration of key sites connected to the East India Company in Westminster. Here, we consider how the East India Company played a significant role in the shaping of the British Empire. Its influence extended far beyond commerce, leaving indelible marks on geopolitics and cultural exchanges between the East and the West. The impacts of which can still be felt today. 

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Private Tours

We run Private and VIP Tours (includes lunch or afternoon tea in restaurant and goodie bags) for the following tours:


Please note that scheduled time and dates are flexible, and can be changed to meet your needs. Prices start at £125 for up to 4 people for a 2-hour walk. Click on the link to book or email


Our tours offer an opportunity for team building and diversity training in a fun and interactive setting. Our knowledgeable tour guides will help participants learn about different cultures and perspectives, promoting a more inclusive workplace environment. 


Bring history alive and spark the curiosity of students! We offer five unique walking tours that help to develop critical thinking skills as students uncover Britain's hidden Black Tudors or explore the origins of the East India Company. 

For more information, please call us on 0203 6037729 or email


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