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“My children were really pleased with their certificates, and your course was such a boost to their confidence that we now try to create powerful sentences daily, wherever and whenever we can.”

— Parent, Wembley


Thank you Yvette for your hard work. My two sons enjoyed learning with you, it has been a great support at primary and secondary schools.

—Parent, Clapham

Student Comments 
Parent Comments

“I really enjoyed going to the learning workshop.  I am now able to retain information better by writing special types of sentences which help me remember things.”

— James from Hertfordshire


“I found the workshop fun and useful because I learnt how to revise properly.”

— Grace from London


“I learnt how to use better learning techniques to improve my revision techniques.”

— Kevin from London


“My experience at More Curricular's learning workshop was good.  I learnt about the differences between good and bad revision techniques  and how to use the good ones effectively.”

— Nathan from London


“I would recommend this to anyone who is struggling to find the best revision techniques.”

Aan from Middlesex

“The course is definitely worth doing.  My son learnt things about learning techniques that have never been taught at any of his schools.  Thank you very much.”

— Erika from London


“I would never have been able to find all of this on the Internet.”

— Erika from London


“Thank you for helping my son on the road to being an independent learner.”

— David from Hertfordshire


“My daughter was spending hours revising ... I knew that there had to be an easier way.  Thank you, More Curricular for helping her.”

— Jenny from London

“Perfect workshop! Thank you".

— Sangita from London


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