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Online, research-backed writing courses and study skills/learning techniques workshops.  

Courses: Handwriting, Grammar & Academic Writing
Workshops: Last Minute Exam Revision Tips, Effective Learning Techniques & 11-Plus Top Up. 

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More Handwriting App

Are you worried about your child's handwriting?  

More Handwriting is a hybrid paper-based and online handwriting assessment for children aged 6+ that parents can administer in the convenience of their own home.  It identifies strengths and weaknesses and will provide you with remedial steps to resolve any issues.


More Maths App

Instantly assess your child's maths ability against the UK KS2 curriculum and International Standards. 

MoreMaths is coming soon. 

Why Learning to Learn Mattters

More Curricular - Learning Techniques Workshops and Apps for Children, based on the latest educational research and guaranteed to improve exam preparation skills.


Would you be surprised to know that simple learning techniques, which could help your child's educational progress and achievements, are not being taught in schools?


Teachers and educators often don't have the time to sift through and evaluate the latest educational research whereas students tend to stick to the learning techniques that are more familiar.  Therefore, if your child continues using ineffective learning techniques, it will not improve their knowledge and will undermine their achievements.


More Curricular believe in the simple philosophy: a child cannot improve their learning unless they know how to learn.  


We want to bridge the disconnect between educational research and educational practice and distil this information directly to children in accessible formats like workshops and learning apps.  


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Do you know what are the most effective learning techniques are?    Does your child need to throw away their highlighters or do more rereading to pass their exams?  Or does your child need to improve their handwriting or written English skills.

We offer a variety of workshops and courses which are based on educational research and guaranteed to improve academic standards and exam scores.

Book your child on to one of our workshops or courses now.

Learning Apps

Do you want to know what level your child is at for Handwriting, Maths, English or Science?  

Our online assessment apps give you an in-depth and comprehensive assessment, detailing your child's school achievement according to school year placement, an analysis of what they know, how well they know it and remedial steps that should be taken.

Purchase More Handwriting now at www.morehandwritingapp.co.uk.  More Maths is due to be released in July.  You can register your interest on our Learning Apps page.

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     I found the workshop fun and useful because I learnt how to revise properly.



   The course is definitely worth doing.  My son learnt things about learning techniques that have never been taught at any of his schools. Thank you very much. 



      I am now able to retain information better by writing special types of sentences which  help me remember things. 



     I would never have been able to find all of this on the Internet. 



Yr 6 Student from London

Parent from London

Yr 7 Student from Hertfordshire

Parent from London

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