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Honouring Black History Month

Our Co-founder, Yvette, was honoured to be a guest on K2K Radio to celebrate Black History Month. DJ Gino was keen to explore the lesser-known history of Britain's Black Tudors.

More Curricular's Black Tudor Family Trail, which is part of London's Open House Festival, takes a peek into the lives of five mysterious Black Tudors.

Yvette introduced the audience to three of her favourite Black Tudors. The Royal trumpeter, John Blanke, who cheekily petitioned Henry VIII for a pay rise - and got it.

The porter, Edward Swarthye, forced to whip fellow servant John Guye by their employer, Sir Edward Wynter. Court records reveal details of the case taken by Guye against Wynter for cruelty. Although there are no records of the outcome of the court case, we do know that Guye went on to become the first governor of Newfoundland, Canada. However, the incident surrounding Edward Swayve is missing from Guye's biography.

Lastly, Catalina, who was living by independent means in Almondsbury, Gloucestershire. Probate records show that she was not a servant or enslaved person.

Do you want to learn more? London's Open House listings.

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