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Schools Reopening - 5 Tips To Help Prepare

With schoolchildren in England going back to school on 8th March, we thought we would give parents/carers a head start. Check out five tips to get you prepared.

1. Start getting up on time.

Parents and children need to get back into the school routine. Start by setting your alarm clock and put it somewhere you need to get up and turn it off. According to research, starting each morning with a movement helps develop a routine.

2. Verse your child in the DOs and DON'Ts of the New Covid Normal.

Things like wearing masks, 2 metre social distance rule and washing your hands regularly are back! Reacquaint your children with the rules as they may have forgotten them. It also appears that parents (in England) with children in secondary school, will have to do twice weekly testing at home.

3. Check your child's uniform still fits.

Most supermarkets sell uniforms, but specialist clothing will need to be ordered online.

4. Get your child's school bag ready.

Order any books, folders, pens, papers, calculators, compasses or, specialist equipment now. Many shops are still closed, and some resources may not be available from your local supermarkets. Think ahead and order online.

5. Start working on activities to help your children build up resilience and a positive mindset. Coming out of isolation does not mean that things will return to normal immediately. Help manage those expectations with a positive mindset. Try daily walks, a family spring cleaning project, regular family movie nights, daily affirmations etc.

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