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Driving Foreign Languages

Our guest blog contributor, Zarina Fanisovna Gallyamova, is an ESL Teacher from the Russian Republic of Bashkortostan. In this post, she describes her novel approach to teaching languages by showing its comparisons with learning how to drive.

Learning foreign languages can be compared to driving, and a teacher to a driving instructor. For example, before starting to drive, we introduce the main driving tools: steering wheel, gearbox, speeds, clutch, handbrake, turn signals, etc., and the way they are used. Also, when getting acquainted with a foreign language, we teach words on the topic and in what phrase or context it is appropriate to use them.

Moreover, just as in driving we choose an algorithm (“Start off” - ignition, clutch, first speed, gas) and work the step for automaticity, so, in language we work out the pronunciation of words for automaticity. Thus, it is necessary to say in advance what we are going to do in order to understand whether the student has mastered the sequence or not.

It is important not to give complex tasks immediately, as in driving as this can lead to an accident and loss of self-confidence, e.g. when learning a language - loss of motivation, insecurity, etc. It is also good to let the student make mistakes during the learning stage. The more mistakes students make, the more situations they are exposed to and that can be analysed. This helps to identify students’ difficulties, teach them coping skills, and expand their experience.

Finally, it’s best to gradually make things harder. As each algorithm is worked out and mastered by multiple repetition, the student is guided to the next step in the learning process.

Take advantage of these tips. Good luck on the road to learning foreign languages!

Author: Zarina Fanisovna Gallyamova

ESL Teacher

Municipal Educational Budgetary Institution Karaidel Secondary School No. 1 in the Municipal District Karaidel

District of the Republic of Bashkortostan


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