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More Curricular features in The Sun Newspaper

More Curricular's blog post about homework routines is featured in The Sun Newspaper.

Not only did our Co-Founder, Yvette, a former teacher get mentioned, but the 'Fabulous' Miranda Knox borrowed some of our strategies. Check out our summary below and the links to the newspaper article or our previous blog post.

The 'chunk' technique

Having a huge pile of homework can be daunting, and looking at big tasks all at once can be overwhelming. Which is why experts believe it's important to break it down into more manageable and less anxiety-inducing stages.

Time rewards Yvette says: "Use timers or devices with alarms to help your child finish their homework". Timers can be used as a reward to reinforce routines and help keep habits in place.

Hand over (some) control

Homework is a good way to hone your child's organisational skills, and this can be achieved by giving them some control over how they complete their tasks. Yvette says: "Set a flexible, weekly homework schedule. Let your child decide the order in which they complete assignments."

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