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Supporting parents with home learning

More Curricular is now offering parents and children the opportunity to access online learning techniques workshops. The workshops aim to teach participants the skills they need to improve their learning.

Yvette Reinfor, co-founder of More Curricular, said, "More Curricular believe in the simple philosophy: a child cannot improve their learning unless they know how to learn. If your child continues using ineffective learning techniques it will not improve their knowledge and it will undermine their achievement."

Each workshop lasts for two hours and contains information on the learning techniques which have been proven to have the greatest effectiveness. Bridging the divide between educational research and educational practice, participants will find out how to learn more effectively.

Previous workshop attendees have said, "I found the workshop fun and useful because I learnt how to revise properly." (Yr 6 Student from London). A Yr 7 student from Hertfordshire said, "I am able to retain information better by writing special types of sentences which help me remember things.

Some of the benefits of the workshop include:

- enabling children to devise suitable learning routines and aids.

- teaching parents and children effective learning techniques.

- techniques to enhance retention and answer exam questions more coherently and correctly.

The workshop is suitable for children who are being temporarily schooled at home, or for those who are using homeschooling on a more permanent basis. Although many adults recognise that assisting with a child's education is a key part of parenting, they can struggle. This workshop is available FREE to parents who are attending with their children, enabling them to better support how their children are being taught to learn.

The workshops are suitable for children aged between seven- and eighteen-years-old. The cost of the workshop is £10/child.

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