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Why Learning to Learn Mattters

Did you know that simple learning techniques that could improve your child's academic progress are not being used in schools?

Teachers/educators often don't have the time to sift through and evaluate the latest research whereas your child will stick with learning techniques that are more familiar.  


More Curricular has found the formula to unlock the key to your child's academic success. Using the latest research, we have created exam-busting learning tools, that are guaranteed to work. 


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     I found the workshop fun and useful because I learnt how to revise properly.



   The course is definitely worth doing.  My son learnt things about learning techniques that have never been taught at any of his schools. Thank you very much. 



      I am now able to retain information better by writing special types of sentences which  help me remember things. 



     I would never have been able to find all of this on the Internet. 



Grace, Yr 6 Student from London

Parent from London

Yr 7 Student from Hertfordshire

Parent from London