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Second Year Running: An Honour to Serve as a Judge for QS Reimagine Education Awards

With great excitement and deep gratitude, we are pleased to announce that More Curricular Co-founder, Yvette, will return as a judge for the prestigious QS Reimagine Education Awards for the second year running. This prestigious platform brings the brightest minds across the globe together, all in the name of advancing the landscape of education.

Last year, Yvette was deeply moved by the innovative projects submitted from all corners of the globe. The depth of talent and commitment to the future of learning witnessed was truly inspiring. The experience brought her closer to the pulse of educational innovation, renewing her commitment to the cause of advancing learning opportunities for all.

This year, she is particularly thrilled as she has been allocated the role of Second Round Judge. This responsibility heightens the anticipation, as she will have the privilege to determine the bronze, silver, and gold winners in each award category. This role requires careful consideration, diligence, and a deep understanding of the nuances of the global education landscape.

These awards, however, are more than just a celebration of innovation. They are a testament to the relentless perseverance and unwavering commitment of educators, pioneers, and innovators worldwide who tirelessly work to ensure education remains relevant, effective, and accessible. In this rapidly changing world, their efforts to adapt and evolve are commendable, and it's an honour to be part of a platform that recognises and appreciates their invaluable contributions.

To all the QS Reimagine Education Awards participants, More Curricular wishes you the best of luck. Your contributions are not only enhancing the present world of education, but they are actively shaping its future. Let us continue to reimagine education together to ensure a brighter future for learners everywhere.

Please visit the QS Reimagine Education Awards website for more information about the awards, categories, and evaluation process.

More Curricular is an award-winning specialist provider of handwriting training and research-led assessment and learning tools for UK children and parents.

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