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More Curricular named Best Handwriting Training Specialists 2020

United Kingdom, 2020 – More Curricular named Best Handwriting Training Specialists 2020.

As we continue into a new year, it is important to reflect on the successes of the past and prepare for what is to come. It gives us great pleasure to announce that More Curricular has been recognised as the leading handwriting training specialists in 2020. Penmanship has always been an important part of education, and we are proud to offer programs that help foster this critical skill. Thank you to all our parents and teachers who continue to support our mission!

We would like to thank The Greater London Enterprise for this award. It continues to recognise SMEs of all sizes, who are endeavouring to bettering business in their respective industries. More Curricular Co-Founder, Andrew Cunningham said: “It has been a pleasure to be awarded in the SME Greater London Enterprise programme. We have worked really hard developing the More Handwriting Assessment app. Look out for other apps in the More Handwriting App suite.”

If you are looking for a handwriting specialist who can help with your child's writing skills, look no further than More Curricular. We have been named the Best Handwriting Training Specialists 2020 and our More Handwriting Assessment is perfect for children aged 5+. The assessment is hybrid paper-based and online so your child will complete "real writing" tasks. Once we have identified any weaknesses, we provide you with the tools needed to support your child's improvements.

Register for a FREE Mini Handwriting Assessment or the full Handwriting Assessment today and let us help you give your child the best start possible in their writing journey!

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