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Open House London 2020

More Curricular was pleased to be involved in Open House London this year. We offered a family walking tour, 'The Mysterious Black Tudors'.

A children's urban puzzle trail, visiting Tudor buildings and searching for clues about the lives of five Black Tudors living in the UK in 14th and 15th centuries.

The event was a huge success, with tickets sold out within days. We received memorial shout outs from Miranda Kaufmann, author of Black Tudors, and Phineas Harper, Director of Open City and Open House. Lastly, our participants thoroughly enjoyed the event.

We are excited to be working in partnership with Open House London again next year. We are developing walking tours to explore Britain diverse history during Edwardian and Victorian times.

Missed the family trail? Email us at, and we will send you a copy of the trail, which includes an activity primary school children.

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